Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama News for Feb 27

Expertinent: Why the Obama Brand is Working
Obama's success owes a lot, of course, to his message--the promise to pass Democratic policies by rallying a "coalition for change." But watching Obamamania over the past few weeks, I've become convinced that there's something more subtle at work, too. ..."

Time: Debate Report Card
proved himself able to face his fellow frontrunner and make his case for the job. ..."

Memo to President Obama
Never mind Iraq. Just end the 'war on terror.' ..."

Hillary Should Get Out Now
Clinton has only one shot—for Obama to trip up so badly that he disqualifies himself. ..."

It's the Campaign, Stupid: Clinton Ground Game Under Fire
Hillary Clinton has slipped from “inevitable” front-runner to second fiddle over the past two months, and political observers have chimed in with their take on what went wrong: No plan for after Super Tuesday. A poor caucus strategy. Her husband. ..."

Can Barack Obama Be Stopped?
"Chuck Todd on why the final nail is likely going into the Clinton coffin..."

Karl Rove: Don't 'Hussein' Obama
No less an authority figure than Karl Rove has warned Republican operatives from demagoguing Barack Obama's middle name. ..."

Sen. Byron Dorgan to Endorse Obama
I decided I wanted to determine who out there can inspire people to move in a new direction," Dorgan said, deciding that Obama was that candidate. ..."

Obama Spanish Ad: Oportunidad
Obama has a new, meat-and-potatoes Spanish-language spot in Texas touting his tuition assistance program. ..."

Gallup: Daily Poll for 2/27
Barack Obama has opened up a 48% to 43% lead over Hillary Clinton in Gallup Poll Daily tracking of national Democratic preferences. ..."

Obama Parries Clinton Offensive at Crunch Debate
Democrat Hillary Clinton threw some sharp jabs at White House rival Barack Obama in their final debate before crucial primaries, but Obama parried the blows to score some hits of his own. ..."

MSNBC Video: Who Won the Debate in Ohio
George Stephanopoulos analyzes how the Democrats did in the 20th debate. ..."

Rep. John Lewis Switched Support to Obama
Georgia Congressman John Lewis told WSB-TV Channel 2's Monica Pearson Wednesday that he is switching his support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. ..."

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Rasmussen Reports: Daily Poll
Obama now earns support from 47% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Clinton attracts 43%..."

Most Improved Debater
At what may be the last debate of the Democratic primary, Obama was commanding, at ease, and magnanimous. Clinton needed him to stumble, and he didn't. He won the night. ..."

Hillary's Missed Opps
Hillary Clinton missed some opportunities tonight. Her complaint at the beginning about the format of the debate seemed to fall flat. ..."

Newsweek: Building the Team
How Obama could get a jump on the general election campaign..."

Newsweek: Debate Analysis
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are making their final pitches to voters in OhioTexas, must-win contests for Clinton, after a mostly somber and policy-filled debate that seemed unlikely to alter the political calculus of the race. ..."

Frazier versus Ali in Cleveland
The bout between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ends in a draw..."

Obama's Support Grows Wider, New Poll Finds
In the past two months, Senator Barack Obama has built a commanding coalition among Democratic voters, with especially strong support among men, and is now viewed by most Democrats as the candidate best able to beat Senator John McCain ..."

Congressional Hopefuls Ride the Obama Wave
Democrats in some of the unlikeliest places are looking forward to running on a ticket with his name on the top line..."

Chuck Todd: A Tense Night Comes to An End
Phew, the entire debate had a very tense feel; a combination of two very competitive Democratic candidates and two very tough questioners. Both candidates were put on the spot and survived. ..."

ABC News: Debate Commentary
Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, at Tuesday night's debate in Cleveland Ohio, was forceful, determined and, in moments, clearly frustrated with her underdog status..."

Dodd Heads to Texas for Obama
"Sen. Christopher Dodd, the newest Obama campaigner and the first former Democratic presidential candidate to choose a side in the race, is Texas-bound this weekend, trying to persuade that major March 4 primary state to follow his lead. ..."

New Quinnipiac University Poll (link corrected)
"Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, surging among younger voters, has cut Sen. Hillary Clinton's lead among Pennsylvania likely Democratic primary voters to 6 points, 49 - 43 percent, after trailing by 16 points just two weeks ago..."

1 Million Donor Goal Achieved!

Clinton's Complex Challenge; Obama's One Job
"Yet by the end of the night, there was little evidence that Mrs. Clinton had produced the kind of ground-moving moment she needed that might shift the course of a campaign that polls suggest has been moving inexorably in Mr. Obama’s direction..."

Obama Speaks on Jewish Issues in Cleveland
"Senator Obama of Illinois met with about 100 members of Cleveland's Jewish Community at the Landerhaven function hall in Cleveland. The following is a partial transcript of the session..."

Rasmussen Markets Update: Debate Doesn't Slow Obama Momentum
"Overnight results from show that the Tuesday night debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did not change the trends of the campaign. ..."

Obama Tells Clinton: I Don't Whine
"Senator Clinton has ... constantly sent out negative attacks on us, e-mail, robo-calls, flyers, television ads, radio calls, and we haven't whined about it because I understand that's the nature of these campaigns," he said. ..."

Obama: Pro-Israel Needn't Be Pro-Likud
"I think there is a strain within the pro-Israel community that says unless you adopt an unwavering pro-Likud ap-proach to Israel, then you're anti-Israel, and that can't be the measure of our friendship with Israel..."

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