Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama News for Feb 27 (continued)

Clinton Having Hard Time Connecting with Voters in Texas
"David Iannelli of Public Strategies is conducting the poll for 11 News. After reviewing the data, he says it’s becoming apparent that Clinton’s strategy of selling her “experience” has connected well with voters who believe that is an important trait – but only 12-percent of voters believe it’s the most important trait. ..."

Commentary: Clinton at Risk of Losing Latino Vote
"A recent Gallup survey found Obama in a slight, but not statistically significant, lead over Clinton among Latinos. Obama-mania has gone multicultural. And it's about time. ..."

Former Gov. Mark White Endorses Obama
"There’s enthusiasm, hope. He will not only be nominated, he will be elected president. He will be America’s president. ..."

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New Ohio Ad: 'Plan'

Summary of Texas Newspaper Endorsements
"Each part of the state has its own personality, history, culture, and demographic make-up, and each of its biggest cities is entirely different from the other. This is a remarkable unity of opinion. ..."

Associated Press: Obama Not a Muslim
"People who are sick of the Muslim smears directed at Barack Obama should feel encouraged with the new Associated Press article that will be printed in newspapers across the country..."

Obama as Told by George Lakoff
"Obama had figured out how to say what many of us believe, that the values people label with the L-word (Liberal) are actually American values. ..."

GOP Strategist: Obama Needs to 'Address' His Middle Name
"From there, however, the discussion went right off the rails, with Jacobus accusing the Obama campaign of being "thin-skinned" (this despite the fact that the Obama campaign's reaction was simply to offer their thanks to McCain ..."

The Psychology of Hope: Why Obama's Words are More Effective Than Hillary's
"I noticed something in Obama's and Clinton's choices of language in the Cleveland debate last night, something the newest ads from each campaign manage to illustrate precisely. ..."

Clinton Declines to Reject Supporter's Comments on Obama's Race
"A day after lecturing her presidential rival for not rejecting a controversial minister's support, Hillary Rodham Clinton declined Wednesday to reject one of her Texas backers who commented on Barack Obama's race. ..."

HRC's Black Supporters Now Considering Supporting Obama
"...some elected officials are being forced to consider whether their backing for Clinton will have adverse consequences for their own political fortunes. ..."

Obama Touts "Track Record of Service"
"It wouldn’t make sense for me to run and then suddenly act completely different from what I was doing over the course of years,” Obama said. ..."

Maine Superdelegate Backs Obama
"Marianne Stevens said, “After considerable thought I am proud to give my support and endorsement to Senator Barack Obama. ..."