Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News Items Since the 2/26 Debate

Huffington Post Debate Coverage, Including Pundit Responses
Clinton really flubbed that 'SNL' line and she did so early so it made it into a bunch of writeups. ..."

Debate Review Compilation
"The reviews are in: Obama scores higher, "Won," "Quick on his feet," "Well prepared and focused," "Excellent command..."

Obama Tops New National Polls
Here's something Democrats agree on even more: In two different polls, around 70 percent of Democrats polled believe Obama will get their party's nomination. ..."

CNN: Debate Summary
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sparred with each other over negative campaigning, health care and free trade Tuesday, a week before primaries in Texas and Ohio ..."

MSNBC: Political Slugfest in Cleveland
"Obama did not back down. He said that he had faced the same tactics from Clinton’s supporters but that “we haven’t whined about it because I understand that’s the nature of these campaigns. ..."

MSNBC Poll: Obama Won the Debate
Holding steady at 65% for Obama, 22% for Hillary.

Obama's Quiet Offensive Against Farrakhan
"Obama held a private meeting with Jewish community leaders in Toledo, Ohio this past weekend, where he addressed concerns that he wasn't tough enough on Israel..."

Obamanomics: Why Small Differences Matter
"Obama and Clinton share many economic views. Here's why his is better..."

ABC News: Debate Summary
"The tone was polite yet pointed, increasingly so as the 90-minute session wore on, a reflection of the stakes in a race in which Obama has won 11 straight..."

ABC News Live Blog of the Debate
"Obama: "She would be worthy as the nominee." That puts her in a tough spot on the same question..."

Hawaii Senator Apologizes for Speaking Ill of Obama's High School
"Sen. Daniel Inouye has apologized for suggesting that Sen. Barack Obama’s private high school in Hawaii was elitist. ..."

Hillary Plays the Victim Card
"Hillary Clinton as the inevitable Democratic nominee didn’t work. Hillary Clinton as the front-runner didn’t work. So how about Hillary Clinton as the victim? ..."

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