Friday, February 29, 2008

News for Feb 29 (Evening Edition)

I apologize for the late update tonight. - Cris

Obama, Clinton Battle in Texas Just Days Before Key Primary
"The Obama campaign, as well as former President Bill Clinton, say the New York Democrat must do well in Texas and Ohio on March 4 if she is to continue to battle for the Democratic nomination. ..."

'Red Phone' Response Could Decide Texas
"... And if he responds successfully, the exchange may form a template for a general election against John McCain. ..."

The Obama 3AM Response Ad

Calling For Obama
"I admit it. I'm addicted. Since the primaries and caucuses began, I've spent practically every free hour reading article after article, and poll after poll, charting the shifting sands of the Democratic presidential race. ..."

Why Barack has Already Won (and Hillary Has Become a Republican)
"In spite of the Clinton campaign's latest outlandish claim that Barack Obama must win all four contests this Tuesday or he's in trouble, those of us still residing in a place called reality understand the actual picture is much different. ..."

The Original Clinton 3AM Ad for Comparison

Obama's Visit to the Border
"Barack Obama took a break from the usual campaigning today, making a stop at the Texas-Mexico border and a local neighborhood festival. ..."

Clinton Camp Tried to Lower the Bar
"Can Hillary Clinton go 1 for 15 in the post-Feb. 5th contests and still win? That's what her campaign is now arguing. ..."

Does Experience Matter in a President?
"A story is often told at times like this — times when American voters are choosing among candidates richly seasoned with political experience and those who are less experienced but perhaps more exciting alternatives. Once upon a time ..."

Day of Reckoning
"A visitor to Clinton HQ sees signs of serious trouble. ..."

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